Kvarnby smedja

Kvarnby smedja is our house. We don’t live there yet, but the plan is to be able to move in by the end of the summer of 2019. Kvarnby is the small village where the house is situated and smedja means forge or smithy. The reason it is called Kvarnby smedja is because of the old smithy on our grounds. It was in use until sometimes in the seventies, when the blacksmith closed up shop. The house itself is built in 1893, in handmade red bricks, and is situated on the edge of a large, once loved and well taken care of, garden.

We fell for the beautiful house, the large garden and the smithy that has a lifetime of projects in store for us. There is even a hen house, which we plan to take into use, once we’ve built a hen run. (Our dog Wera makes letting the hens roam free in the garden impossible. It is sad to say, but she wouldn’t be able to stand the temptation when they run.)

If this peaked your interest, you can follow our progress at our Instagram account @kvarnbysmedja.